Vol. 4   2
Spring  2016
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The Journal of Information Systems and Telecommunication (JIST) accepts and publishes papers containing original researches and/or development results, representing an effective and novel contribution for knowledge in the area of information systems and Telecommunications. Contributions are accepted in the form of Regular papers or Correspondence. Regular papers are the ones with a well-rounded treatment of a problem area, whereas Correspondence focus on a point of a defined problem area. Under the permission of editorial board, other kinds of papers may be published if they are found to be relevant or of interest to the readers. Responsibility for the content of the papers rests upon the Authors only. The Journal is aimed at not only a national target community, but also international audience is taken into consideration. For this reason, Authors are supposed to write in English.

Journal Objectives

  • This journal will emphasize the context of the researches based on theoretical and practical implications of information systems and telecommunications.
  • JIST aims to promote the knowledge investigation in the related fields.
  • The Journal covers technical, economic, social, legal and historic aspects of the rapidly expanding worldwide communications and information industry.
  • The Journal aims to highlight new developments in all related areas, helps readers broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding of telecommunications policy and practice.
  • JIST encourages submissions which reflect the wide and interdisciplinary nature of the subject and the articles that integrate technological disciplines with social, contextual and management issues.
  • JIST is planned to build its reputation particularly by publishing qualitative researches and welcomes such papers.
  • This Journal aims to disseminate success stories, lessons learnt, and best practices captured by researchers in the related fields.
Newest Articles :
Vol. 4 2 Serial No. 14 Spring 2016
Article Title :
Privacy Preserving Big Data Mining: Association Rule Hiding
Golnar AssadatAfzali

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
COGNISON: A Novel Dynamic Community Detection Algorithm in Social Network
Hamideh SadatCheraghchi

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Analysis and Evaluation of Techniques for Myocardial Infarction Based on Genetic Algorithm and Weight by SVM

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Optimization of Random Phase Updating Technique for Effective Reduction in PAPR, Using Discrete Cosine Transform
BabakHaji Bagher Naeeni

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Nonlinear State Estimation Using Hybrid Robust Cubature Kalman Filter

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Quality Assessment Based Coded Apertures for Defocus Deblurring
Hamid RezaPourreza

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Multi-terminal Binary Decision Diagram based Binary Fuzzy Relations
HamidAlavi Toussi
BahramSadeghi Bigham

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Unsupervised Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Using the Human Visual System Line Detection Model
Nasser Mehrshad
Seyyed MohammadRazavi

Abstract ASPxHyperLink