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Winter  2015
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The Journal of Information Systems and Telecommunication (JIST) accepts and publishes papers containing original researches and/or development results, representing an effective and novel contribution for knowledge in the area of information systems and Telecommunications. Contributions are accepted in the form of Regular papers or Correspondence. Regular papers are the ones with a well-rounded treatment of a problem area, whereas Correspondence focus on a point of a defined problem area. Under the permission of editorial board, other kinds of papers may be published if they are found to be relevant or of interest to the readers. Responsibility for the content of the papers rests upon the Authors only. The Journal is aimed at not only a national target community, but also international audience is taken into consideration. For this reason, Authors are supposed to write in English.

Journal Objectives

  • This journal will emphasize the context of the researches based on theoretical and practical implications of information systems and telecommunications.
  • JIST aims to promote the knowledge investigation in the related fields.
  • The Journal covers technical, economic, social, legal and historic aspects of the rapidly expanding worldwide communications and information industry.
  • The Journal aims to highlight new developments in all related areas, helps readers broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding of telecommunications policy and practice.
  • JIST encourages submissions which reflect the wide and interdisciplinary nature of the subject and the articles that integrate technological disciplines with social, contextual and management issues.
  • JIST is planned to build its reputation particularly by publishing qualitative researches and welcomes such papers.
  • This Journal aims to disseminate success stories, lessons learnt, and best practices captured by researchers in the related fields.
Newest Articles :
Vol. 3 1 Serial No. 9 Winter 2015
Article Title :
A New Recursive Algorithm for Universal Coding of Integers
Mohammad RezaAref

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Statistical Analysis of Different Traffic Types Effect on QoS of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
MahmoodMollaei Gharehajlu

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Fusion of Learning Automata to Optimize Multi-constraint Problem

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Extracting Credit Rules from Imbalanced Data: The Case of an Iranian Export Development Bank
Seyed MahdiSadatrasoul
Mohammad RezaGholamian

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Joint Relay Selection and Power Allocation in MIMO Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
MehdiGhamari Adian

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
Detection and Removal of Rain from Video Using Predominant Direction of Gabor Filters

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
SRR shape dual band CPW-fed monopole antenna for WiMAX / WLAN applications
Ramezan AliSadeghzadeh

Abstract ASPxHyperLink
A New Robust Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on LWT-SVD and Fractal Images
FardinAkhlaghian Tab

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